Coolbawn school is, and will always be, a family owned company because we have found in the family values what we want for us, our clients and those who work with us.

We understand family as the community where we all take care of each other, where nobody is left alone.

Under this premise Coolbawn School was founded by three siblings, with different personal and professional trajectories but with a common vision: helping children to grow and have educational experiences along a central objective, learn English while travelling – Travel & Learn.

We look forward to receiving your child to our family, to help him/her to travel & learn. Our students will never be alone, we will be available when they need us and we will provide a secure environment to enjoy the experience while parents can be reassured.

Meet the team

Beatriz, founding partner and director of the school, is in charge of the careful selection of Irish host families and all logistics in Ireland. Beatriz holds a Degree in English and has been living in Midleton for the past 25 years, where she started going because she was a monitor of children that travelled to Ireland to study. Afterwards, she fell in love, got married, established her home in Midleton and had two kids. She loves Ireland and does not want to live anywhere else. For over 15 years she has been manager of a shoe distribution company with several shops in different cities of Ireland. A job she has always combined with teaching Spanish to children. Nevertheless, she wanted to go back to where she started, helping children to learn a language, something that enriches her life and gives her joy.

Pablo, founding partner, is the manager of the financial and administration departments, along with the coordination of the business in Spain. He holds a degree in Business Administration and has over 20 years of experience as financial director in companies from different sectors, being the last one an international school in Madrid. It has been this last experience the one that has led him to embark on this project because he has discover his true passion: helping students to learn another language while discovering other cultures, and becoming global citizens. He is good at it, his three children are growing assuming responsibilities and knowing that the whole world is there to be discovered.

Miriam, founding partner, is responsible for the marketing and communication areas, along with the coordination of students in Spain. She holds a degree in Communication and has a Master by Northwestern University (Chicago, EEUU). Miriam worked 10 years in Madrid, in the international sales department of a movie production company, and 12 years as marketing director of a firm that offers professional services. She is mother of a teenager and enjoys immensely the positive effect that studying and living abroad, with a host family, does to children. Guess what? Her first trip abroad was to Midleton, Ireland, when she was 12, a turning point that led her to travel more and learn English. A language that has open many doors to her, professionally and personally.

Olivia is another member of the family, our niece, and we could not be happier to have her on board. Olivia combines her work as deputy director of Despegamos, a children academy of school support and development of studying techniques, with the coordination of Coolbawn School in the north of Spain. She holds a degree in Primary School Teaching and has over 7 years of experience offering private classes to children. On her way, she has met many students frustrated because they did not receive a meaningful and practical education to help them get ready for life, so the works hard to provide the right environment and methodology for kids to learn and be motivated. Olivia is algo a great surfer and has taught surfing for over 4 years.


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